Chinese Zodiac (2012) HDTV Rip | Hindi Dubbed

Chinese Zodiac (2012)
HDTV Rip | Hindi Dubbed

Dual Audio (Hindi / Chinese)

Genre: Action | Adventure
Directed by: Jackie Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan, Oliver Platt and Laura Weissbecker
Plot: A man telling the story of the Old Summer Palace and how it was looted in the 1800s by the British in the Second opium war. Among the treasures are bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals.  In the present day, the bronze heads are auctioned for over a million euros each. The main company supplying the bronze heads and other stolen relics is MP Corporation. JC (Jackie Chan), is tasked by MP Corp to find the remaining lost bronze heads, with a promise of a 10 times bonus if he can recover all of them. JC visits a man named Professor Guan, who had created 12 identical replicas for study purposes with his team of researchers, under the pretense that he is a reporter named Martin from National Geographic. When left alone, JC scans the multiple bronze Zodiac animal heads using special gloves so that his secret organization can replicate an extremely realistic model of them.

Sucker Punch (2011) dvdrip movie
Chinese Zodiac (2012) dvdrip movie

Chinese Zodiac (2012) dvdrip movie

Chinese Zodiac (2012) dvdrip movie

Chinese Zodiac (2012) dvdrip movie


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