Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel Full Version

Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel is based on the Prism3D engine, that used in Hunting Unlimited.
There are 3 huge maps that let you haul cargo along the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains or the Midwest in any of 6 different trucks. In addition to hauling your cargo, you must manage your business well by winning recurring contracts, hiring drivers to haul loads for you, and managing your own overhead. This game is definitely about business... the business of trucking! Your goal is to strike out on your own, starting and operating your own trucking company and aim for that great American Dream... earning $1 million!. There are 3 game areas, each has Interstate highways, back road highways, by passes around and through the cities and of course city streets.

To play the game, fire it up and behold the main menu. At the main menu, you can go into the options menu to play with the graphics, sound and control options (including joystick/wheel config), and quit the game back to the Windows desktop. The three buttons at the top let you start a new game in 'West Coast', 'Midwest' or 'Rockies' area. These areas have increasing difficulty, from Easy through Medium to Hard.

Password: world4nocost.com
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